Ezra and his upcoming deployment book book

Ezra if you happen to be reading, would you be able to give a quick
update about the status of your book. I think the beta book date
slipped once. Will the beta book be out in Feb as the PragProg site
says? I’m excited just to see a table of contents and know what level
of expertise and what deployment environments you will cover.


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On Jan 24, 2007, at 3:10 PM, Peter M. wrote:

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Yup the beta book will be out in February. I’ve been a busy guy and
deployment has changed so much in the last year(gasp has it been
that long?) that I have been working on the book. So I have rewritten
some things a few times. The book will touch on all the standard
stuff, chapters include, mongrel , lighty, apache, nginx, capistrano,
practical techniques(subversion , migrations), shared rails hosting,
virual and dedicated rails hosting, and a chapter on the theories
behind how and why rails scales like it does. Thats probably all
thats in the beta. There will be a few more chapters in the final
printed version and I’m sure plenty of additions to the beta before
its final.

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If I may hope, something about JRuby/Rails/Glassfish as well?