Ez_where : i'm puzzled

I have the following code:

condition_clause = "%#{@phrase}%"
logger.info "condition is #{condition_clause}"
unless @phrase.nil?
  condition = Caboose::EZ::Condition.new :affiliates do
    affiliate_name =~ "%#{@phrase}%" # <<< here's the problem
  options[:conditions] = condition.to_sql
  logger.info "ajax param is #{@phrase}"
  logger.info "ez condition is #{condition.to_sql}"

The output from the logs is:

ajax param is map
ez condition is

In other words, the the where clause is not being constructed. However,
if I
change the line marked above to:

affiliate_name =~ condition_clause # <<< here’s the fix

Everything works. I’ve ascertained that by the time I’m in operator=~,
that’s left is ‘%%’.

Is there something obvious I’ve missed about this straightforward


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Yeah I see what the problem is. I need to add a bit to the

documentation to clarify this. The problem is that inside the
Condition.new block, self is another object internal to the ez_where
plugin. So instance variables with the @ sign are not set because
they are instance variables and you are inside another instance
inside that block. If you make @phrase a local variable by changing
it to phrase without the @ sign it will work properly.


Thanks so much. That explains the behavior.


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