Extensions: Asset Manager Demo


I take it there is no configuration to get the icon/thumbnails
working? I am able to require RMagick from script/console and
act_as_attachment tests run (some about deleting fail, but others
that deal with creating thumbnails pass). But when I upload an image
in radiant, the extension only moves the original image but doesn’t
create the other sizes. Any tests yet? I’ll try to work on some
later tonight.


Does acts_as_attachment create the database entries for the other
images (icon, thumbnail and normal)? The way it works is that it
creates a “master” image in the db and then the thumbnails are
children of that. Be sure you have ImageMagick properly installed, it
is a real pain to get it going. Hivelogic has a good tutorial if you
are on a mac, although it should help in any case.

I should probably include some sort of configuration for RMagick. It
basically doesn’t work on Textdrive due to memory limits, so it would
be nice to shut it on and off. I think Mephisto has something like this.

I should have some time tonight to get some tests going.

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