Extension migrations in reverse

I was going to ask how to do this, because this did not appear to work
as expected:

% rake db:migrate:extensions VERSION=XX

(it seems to completely ignore the version number.)

However, i poked around in the source and discovered what i think is
my answer. I have added the following to the Extensions tutorial in
the wiki (does it belong there?) but please please correct any
mistakes I have made. I’ve only been using radiant for a short time.

(also please move this to somewhere more appropriate & link to it in
the wiki if you fee that would be more appropriate.)

This is what i have added to the Extensions tutorial on the wiki:

(Note: You can safely ignore this for now, but: Later, if you want to
migrate your database to a specific version of your extension’s schema
(for example an earlier version to roll-back changes), you must use
the migration task that was generated specifically for your extension,
for example:

% rake production radiant:extensions:link_roll:migrate VERSION=0

The version number corresponds to the number of your extension’s
migration (file), not the version number in the schema_info table. )


That is correct. It would be awesome if you could update the wiki with