Extending views

I understand how to use an extension to modify an admin view, but I’m
confused as to what to do when I want to modify a view, but another
extension is already modifying that view. Can I have two different
parts of a view modified by two different extensions? or do I need
to make my view changes in my custom extension and then monitor the
provided plugin for changes to the view and manually add them to mine?

For instance: I’m using the reorder plugin which rewrites app/views/
admin/page/_node.rhtml. Where should I make additional modifications
to _node.rhtml?



That was part of the impetus for the ‘facets’ branch. I haven’t had
time to refine it or incorporate Jacob’s modifications, but ideally,
instead of replacing the whole page, one would replace or modify only
the parts that need to change. The changes you make would be
incorporated with changes any other extensions make, and changes to
the core won’t break your modifications.