Extending articles

This is certainly a case of there being a Thousand Ways to Do It, but
looking for suggestions/guidance as a novice RoR coder.

Essentially, I have a calendar of events that I would like to extend
Typo functionality.

The events are loaded automatically from an outside source.

The functionality I would like to add is

  1. Allow people to add comments, tags, categories to each individual
    listing (e.g. to treat the listing like a blog article)
  2. Write blog posts which draw info from specified events (e.g. to write
    non-event articles which include from an event)

I have a well-defined Event class.

If there’s a way for an article to dynamically draw content from a ruby
element then I can just save an article when I save an event.


class EventsController < ApplicationController

def create
@event = Event.new(params[:event])
@article = this_blog.articles.build … ???

I’d of course like to do this in a ruby-esque way that reuses code
doing nasty cut-and-pastes.

Let me know if I’m asking for a reinvention of the wheel.