Ext/openssl/ossl.o depends on thread_pthread.h

make $B$N0MB84X78$rD4$Y$F5$$,$D$$$?$N$G$9$,!"(B
ext/openssl/ossl.c $B$,(B thread_native.h $B$r(B include $B$7$F$$$F!"(B
$B$=$3$+$i<j85$N4D6-$G$O(B thread_pthread.h $B$r(B include

$B$=$&$9$k$H!"(Bossl.o $B$O(B thread_pthread.h
ext/openssl/depend $B$K$O$I$&5-=R$9$Y$-$G$7$g$&$+!#(B
$B$H$j$"$($:(B thread_pthread.h $B$rD>@=q$$$F$7$^$$$^$7$?$,!"(B
pthread $B$G$J$$4D6-$G$O0c$&5$$,$7$^$9!#(B

common.mk [email protected]$C$?$i(B thread_$(THREAD_MODEL).h $B$H=q$/$H$3$m$G$9$,!"(B
ext/openssl/depend $B$G$O(B THREAD_MODEL $B$O;H$($J$$$h$&$G$9!#(B

$B$J$*!"(Bossl.c $B$,(B thread_native.h $B$r(B include

r42135 | ko1 | 2013-07-23 18:59:28 +0900 (Tue, 23 Jul 2013) | 7 lines

  • ext/openssl/ossl.c: use system native (system provided)
    thread locking APIs added by last commit.
    This patch fixes [Bug #8386].
    “rb_mutex_*” APIs control only “Ruby” threads.
    Not for native threads.

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