Export to pdf (graph output)

So i have tasks, with start time, end time, the usual stuff, and i
need to export all the info to pdf (description, owner, relations,

Export text to pdf shouldn’t be a problem, there are many tutorials
who explain it

I also need to export a gant chart (need some way to make a screenshot
from the gantt i have, or make it from the data). making it from data
would be perfect, some eye candy, would also be good.

Graphviz was what come to mind to do it, is it the best? should i use
an alternative(something to make charts).

So what gems should i use, do you know a tutorials who implements
similar stuff?

Celso Costa

You can do it inside the PDF, this would make a lighter file, and a
vector graph, wich behaves nice with zoom and print. Inside
PDF::Writer’s Manual (http://ruby-pdf.rubyforge.org/pdf-writer/) you
have a “Graphics” part, there are good examples.


Franco C…

thx man, in my online searches, to draw the gantt, i would need to
combine more than one gem (one to draw and then export as image, other
to send it to a pdf)

this seems good, gonna wrestle a bit with it

Celso Costa

after checking pdf::writer, i decided to use prawn (http://
prawn.majesticseacreature.com/ and http://www.cracklabs.com/prawnto),
it has a couple of interesting features

Celso Costa