Export options, multi-blogs

I’m going to set up an internal blog at work, and was considering
using Typo. But I may eventually want to move to another blog engine
and don’t want to be locked in. I recall seeing some emails a few
days back about work on an export feature using the Atom API or
something. I’m curious what my options are for exporting content
from Typo, both now and in the foreseeable future. I suppose I could
always write my own exporter code, but I’d rather not.

Also, is Typo’s support for multiple blogs there yet, or is that
feature still a work in progress?

Josh S.

We don’t have a formal export format right now. We’re talking about
something Atom-based, but we don’t have any code yet. Worst-case,
generating an Atom feed with all of your articles would be pretty
easy–just crank up the number of items displayed in feeds to 99999
and then grab your feed.

The multi-blog code will probably start soon-ish. It’s a fairly
simple progression from where we’re at now, although the first pass on
multi-blog support won’t include any extra permission checking, so all
users will have admin access to all blogs. Obviously this is going to
be temporary.


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