Explorer 7/Ajax Issue

Apparently I’ve been lax on cross-browser testing. I have a form where
users can upload a video or select one that’s already in their directory
for use. Here’s the code:

<%= file_field "file", "upload", :size => 100 %> or
<%= link_to_remote "Use a Previously Uploaded Video", :update => "uploads", :url => {:action => "video_list"} %>

The code works fine in Firefox, but I just had a user call me saying it
didn’t do anything for him. I tried it myself in IE and watched my logs,
and it does make the request, but it never updates the div. Can anyone
point me in the right direction on this?


Ok, got it. I had a form element in the template that got inserted that
should have been removed from previous versions. This was apparently
causing explorer to choke as you can’ t have a form inside a form…