Explicit named routes with has_many error

I am very stuck on this problem. I know there is something simple I am
missing, but I have been staring at it long enough to ask others at
this point.

The code: http://gist.github.com/307323

Basically, I have an assets controller that is only accessible through
users (you cannot view an asset without a user association). There are
three stages to editing an asset, so instead of using the resources
default :edit function and passing in query params, I decided to make
cool named routes (i.e. /users/1/assets/1/edit/class), but I am
getting “failed to generate” errors when I try to call the route I

Can someone here take a minute and glance at my code to see what the
frak I am doing wrong? I could use another set of eyes on this one.


Trevor Lalish-Menagh

OK, I figured it out. Dumb mistake: to create an optional format like
you see in rake routes as:
classify_user_asset GET /users/:user_id/assets/:id/edit/
class(.:format) {:action=>“classify”, :controller=>“assets”}

you would write:
map.with_options :controller => ‘assets’, :conditions => {:method
=> :get} do |assets|
assets.classify_user_asset ‘/users/:user_id/assets/:id/edit/
class’, :action => ‘classify’
assets.classify_user_asset ‘/users/:user_id/assets/:id/edit/
class.:format’, :action => ‘classify’

I was writing:
map.with_options :controller => ‘assets’, :conditions => {:method
=> :get} do |assets|
assets.classify_user_asset ‘/users/:user_id/assets/:id/edit/
class(.:format)’, :action => ‘classify’

because that is what I saw in rake routes.

Sorry for the n00b question, but I am glad I figured this out.


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