:expires_in not working with memcache/fragment caching?

Hi all,

I’m using memcache (which support the :expires_in option) and I’m
using it in a view to cache a certain piece of HTML, somewhat like:

<% cache :expires_in => 10.minutes %>
some HTML
<% end %>

Funny thing is that I can see in memcache that the key is being set:

set views/localhost:3000/gids?expires_in=600 0 0 6619

However, as you can see the :expires_in is being passed as part of the
key and not as the expiration flag in memcache (the second 0 should be

Is there anything I’m doing wrong here?

Kind regards,

Sjoerd Tieleman.

Well, I’ve solved my own problem. You need to explicitly specify a key
before you can supply any options. Otherwise the options will be added
to the key.

Kind regards,

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