Expire entire directory of fragments?


I am trying to figure out if there is an appropriate and for that
matter, already built-in way to expire an entire directory of cache
fragments. My app has certain situations where an entire subdirectory
in the cache becomes obsolete at once - rather than expiring each file
one at a time, or using a regexp to iterate over the whole thing, it
would be nice to just make the whole directory go poof.

I realize I could to this manually, but it feels like there is
something evil about not using expire_fragment() to get rid of
something that was made by cache(). For example, I could compute the
dir manually, and call

system(“rm -rf #{dir}”). Any reason not to do that?

And even slicker solution would be

File::rename(dir, uniq_filename(‘tmp/old_caches_’))

and then let a cron job “rm -rf tmp/old_caches_*” out-of-band.

Can anyone think of a reason not to do this, or in general a good
reason not to get rid of cache files w/out using expire_fragment?


So, if there was nobody else when God said “Let there be light,” was
He talking to Himself? Does that mean He is insane? Because that would
explain a lot

dir manually, and call

system(“rm -rf #{dir}”). Any reason not to do that?

Don’t make a call to system. Use the File class instead… rm_rf or
your rename and then remove depending on how big a directory it is.

If you dig through the cache classes file store eventually calls
“File.delete(real_file_path(name))” so what you’re doing isn’t that
unreasonable, but it also calls it’s super method and I haven’t bother
to look to see what it does.

Another option would be to create your own cache store, subclassing
off of FileStore and then override the delete method to check if it’s
a directory being passed in and if so, wipe the whole thing out,
otherwise just the file. Or look to see if there is a reason not to
just do that directly in FileStore and submit a ticket to have it

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