Expert suggestions: Resources for ActiveRecords

Hello guys,

I am new to ruby and wanted to learn more in-depth about active records
library. Where should I start from? Are there any printed/online
books/resources I can look through?

I came across to “Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails” book
authored by Kevin M., Chad P. and Jon Yurek. But that seems to
be quite old(2007 edition).

Thanks in advance

  • Manoj Monga

Read the documentation at and the source on github.

Dheeraj K.

Yep, you’re wrong.

I assume you’ve read Michael H.'s rails tutorial and/or Agile Web
Development with Rails.

Dheeraj K.

Thanks Dheeraj for your quick response. But I was looking for some
book/managed resource for a kick starter. I was thinking to go through
the source later. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Manoj Monga

Yes I have read Michael H.'s rails tutorial. Thanks for the advice.