Experimental version of build-gnradio up


Is a version of build-gnuradio that includes experimental support for
RedHat RHEL 6 and Debian 6.* series.

If someone wants to test this on Debian 6, I’d love to get feedback. I
don’t have a Debian image here to test on, neither do I have
a RHEL 6. So I’m rather “brailing it”.

This experimental version also includes the “-e” option that is used to
add “extras” to the build, the syntax is:

 -e URL-to-repo

So it takes a URL of the form:




The important thing to notice is that the existence of git: or blah.git
triggers a GIT fetch, and the presence of the name component “svn”
triggers an SVN fetch. This is patterned after the way CGRAN serves
up packages.

And will fetch the resulting codebase via GIT or SVN and attempt to
build it. It only supports GNu Radio “add-ons” that adhere to the
CMake build environment–there are only a small number of these at
the moment, but perhaps this will encourage conversion to
CMake among the “add-ons”.

Marcus L.
Principal Investigator
Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium