Experimental RSS code


Hi all,

I’ve been playing with tags and so far, have come up with some very
basic (and incomplete) code to display an RSS feed using the
feed_tools gem:


With that, it’s possible to do something like the following:

<r:rss_feed url=“http://japundit.com/feed/”>

( items)

I was able to piece it together by looking at the existing code and
radius quickstart guide, but I’m not sure I’ve got my head fully
wrapped around the radius tag model yet. Am I on the right track?

There’s a section in the radius guide about how to expose certain
methods of an object - doing that would probably be preferable to
defining a separate tag for item, description, date, etc. for the feed
item. I’m not sure how to do it in the context of rss_feed:items:each
though. Can anyone clue me in?