Experimental branch with no at_exit hook

Hey all,

I’ve got an experimental branch of rspec-core-2 that removes the at_exit
hook: http://github.com/rspec/rspec-core/tree/no-at-exit. It works just
fine with the rake and rspec commands, as well as spork. You can use it
with the ruby command if you include “-S rspec” (avoiding this was one
of the reasons for the at_exit hook in the first place). The only case
in which I’m unable to get it to work is with the updated TextMate
bundle (GitHub - rspec/rspec.tmbundle: Textmate bundle for RSpec.). I’ll start a separate
thread for that issue.

This is a big change, so I don’t want to merge it to master without some
serious field testing. If any of you care to point your Gemfile at the
no-at-exit branch and try it out on your apps, feedback would be greatly