Expected./user.rb to define User

I have a problem.
I have a file on path like …/app/models/user.rb. That started with
“class User < ActiveRecord::Base…”.
But when I started rake task, I’ve got an error “Expected
…/app/models/user.rb to define User”


That’s all ok. RSpec tests for User are passed.

rails 3.0.7

ps. Sorry for my English.

I’m scared

rake :task_name => :environment do
puts User

=> Expected …/app/models/user.rb to define User

rake :task_name => :environment do
puts Avatar
puts User


Avatar(id: integer, image_id: integer)
User(id: integer, name: string, client_key: string, mobile_key: string,
session_id: string, points:integer, avatar_id: integer, attack: integer,
defense: integer)

( It works o_O )