Expect an array in webservice gives "Not supported" message

I am trying to expect an array of strings in the webservice api. It says
“Typed array input fields not supported yet”.
Can anybody suggest me how I can expect an array in action_webservices.

The code is as given below.

class SendInvitesApi < ActionWebService::API::Base
api_method :send_mails,
:expects => [:invitation_details =>
:returns => [:string]

class InvitationDetailsVO < ActionWebService::Struct
member :names, [:string] ##This is an array of strings.

THNX in advance…

  :expects  =>  [:invitation_details => InvitationDetailsVO],

I’m not sure that you’re allowed to tell the api to expect an object
defined elswhere, I think it has to be one of the allowed xml types.
Plus, what you’ve defined here is not an array because :expects needs an
array anyway if you see what I mean. Try:

:expects => [[:invitation_details => :string]]

Which will get your api to accept an array of strings. Your :returns
method there returns a single string as it stands. If you want to return
an array of strings use [[:string]].


PS. the AWS::Struct stuff is to allow to return structures not defined
as models. Not to accept them. Plus, in the case you have quoted about
you don’t need to use a struct because you only have one member which is
a normal type (array of string).