Exisiting Smart Quotes and WYSIWYG (Dojo RichTextEditor)

My problem with smart quotes is not giving them out, but putting them
in. I have a user who writes everything in word. I the PHP system we
have been using, textile just takes the existing smart quotes and
uses them. In redcloth or bluecloth, whenever he cuts ands pastes,
the smart quotes are all converted to random html characters. Anyone
else experience this and any ideas on how to fix it.

On another related quote, the same user would really like a WYSIWYG
editor, but I have been fighting it. I am a recent Markdown convert,
thought Textile still does a few things better. But let’s say I am
not a WYSIWYG guy. As a compromise, I tried to install the Dojo
RichText editor, but I am getting some strange 404s in the iFrames. I
think radiants missing url system is not letting my links through,
though this is just a guess. I know someone has this working, would
you mind sharing? And would it actually help with the first problem?

Keith B.
[email protected]
Tel: +49-7731-7983830