Exercises book

Hi, does anyone knows any good book with a lot of exercises for Ruby on
I want something like a class style book, like those calculus books that
have the theory and then a lot of exercises to make sure you understood

Thank you guys

If you are a beginner, look for railsforzombies.com

I did, problem is that it leads to Ruby on Rails Tutorial, which almost
doesn’t have exercises

You can find a lot of exercises here


Usually you find problem explanation there, then in plain ruby, people
submit their solutions. This is an absolutely great source to learn ruby
language without rails.
On amazon there is a book ‘best of ruby quiz’, extracted from site I
indicated above.


Well, after that, I would advise you to learn Ruby as a language and
side by
side, play around with the Ruby on Rails Guides.

Thank you for the tip, I’ll try that for a while, but I was looking for
something more like an actual class, like those opencoursewares from big
universities like Stanford and MIT, and also something specifically for
rails, with the subject (validations for example) and the related