Executing `deploy:update_code' hangs

When running either cap deploy or cap deploy:cold cap basically freezes
at the this step:

  • executing `deploy:update_code’

I have svn installed on windows workstation along with linux on
sharehost(bluehost). I am able to run cap deploy:setup and I the
preceding commands before update_code work and are executed correctly

Here is the task I am using:

deploy.task :default do
transaction do
run “#{scm_command} info /home/my_user/my_proj/”
run “ls -x1 /usr/lib | wc -l”

The first two commands are just used to ensure I can run commands on the
remote server(which I can). The first command is running against a
manual deployment, capistrano’s deployment obviously hasn’t been done

The other thing I noticed is that deploy:setup create a release and
shared folder but the release folder is completely empty. I have seen
some posts that seem to indicate that there should be empty subfolder
beneath it?