ExeceptionNotifier troubles


I am having a hard time installing the ExeceptionNotifier plugin. The
README says:

“specify the email recipients in your environment:”
ExceptionNotifier.exception_recipients = %w(removed_email_address@domain.invalid)"

I tried putting the line above in the environment.rb or the
/environments/development.rb and both prevent me from booting WEBrick.
here is the error:

=> Booting WEBrick…
`const_missing’: uninitialized constant ExceptionNotifier (NameError)

any clues?



On Nov 13, 2005, at 1:38 PM, removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

=> Booting WEBrick…
`const_missing’: uninitialized constant ExceptionNotifier (NameError)

any clues?

The problem is that the dev/test/prod environments are loaded before
plugins are loaded. You need to put the line in environment.rb
itself. If you want to send to different addresses based on the
current environment, you can do a case statement:

ExceptionNotifier.exception_recipients = case RAILS_ENV
when “development” then %w(removed_email_address@domain.invalid)
when “production” then %w(removed_email_address@domain.invalid removed_email_address@domain.invalid)
when “test” then []

  • Jamis