Exception thrown from jruby when attempting to extend java class


I am having trouble trying to extend a non-abstract (though non-final)
java class. I get the following exception from JRuby:

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.RuntimeException: java_object
returned null for NewEdge
at org.jruby.javasupport.JavaUtil.convertRubyToJava(JavaUtil.java:825)

The object has a constructor that takes two arguments. Due to the
bug/feature that the number of arguments in the ruby class must be the
same as the number of arguments in the java class I am also overriding
self.new. Note that the types of asset1 and asset2 are java types of
the same type expected by the java ctor.

So in Java I have a class called Edge and in Ruby:

class NewEdge < Pairs::Edge

def initialize(asset1,asset2)
  @asset1, @asset2 = asset1, asset2
  @passed = true

def self.new(asset1, asset2, ranges, mincor, maxadf)
  obj = self.allocate
  obj.send :initialize, asset1, asset2
  obj.instance_variable_set(:@ranges, ranges)
  obj.instance_variable_set(:@mincor, mincor)
  obj.instance_variable_set(:@maxadf, maxadf)
  puts "created object", obj




The new object is being passed back to java, at which point the above
exception occurs. Why would convertRubyToJava ever fail? On another
note I do hope that the ctor issue is resolved as well at some point.
Writing self.new factories are ugly.



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