Exception Notifier.2 questions

I’m adding exception notifier to a new rails app and seem to have a
couple issues. It’s a rails3 (release) app with the latest EN from

  1. It’s filtering params fine based on my standard log filters.
    However, I need to go a bit further and filter session and environment
    as well as I have customer CC information in session during a single
    request. Am I missing some configuration for this or any advice on
    how to do it?

Which leads to. . .

  1. I’ve placed the exception notifier erb files in app/views/
    exception_notifier but the application refuses to load them going to
    the plugin files instead. Worse come to worse I was just going to get
    rid of session and param (though highly undesirable compared to #1).

Thanks for any pointers on a direction to go!