Exception inconsistency of Fixnum#quo and Bignum#quo

Fixnum#quo e$B$He(B Bignum#quo e$B$Ke(B nil

% ./ruby -ve ‘p 0x3fffffff.quo(nil)’
ruby 1.9.0 (2008-05-02 revision 16277) [i686-linux]
-e:1:in /': nil can't be coerced into Rational (TypeError) from -e:1:inquo’
from -e:1:in `’

% ./ruby -ve ‘p 0x40000000.quo(nil)’
ruby 1.9.0 (2008-05-02 revision 16277) [i686-linux]
-e:1:in quo': not an integer (ArgumentError) from -e:1:in

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