Example of Inband signaling


Hi all,

I’m studying on GNURadio and USRP with RFX2400. So far I was
able to make new signal blocks (e.g noncoherent FSK demodulator) with
benchmark_rx.py and benchmark_tx.py and it works fine.

Now I’m interested in inband signaling. I want to know exact time of
of received signal. I read some posts about inband signaling but as I
the project is still ongoing.

Can I use legacy python examples (e.g benchmark_rx and tx) with
inband_1rxhb_1tx.rbf file?

Though I know that there is examples for inband signaling in
‘usrp/host/apps-inband’, they are written in C++ and some wrapper
and look like totally different from legacy examples.

Is it possible that I can use my test program with
without lots of modification?

Thanks in advance.

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