Example of how mount the radio environment in gnuradio-companion

Does anyone have any examples of how to mount the transmitter and
receiver in
the gnuradio-companion, so I can assemble and make ready the radio
environment in gnuradio-companion and then test the diagram with the

Ketlin -

I don’t think I understood your question.

That said, there are lots of examples regarding how to use GRC that come
with GNU Radio, that are on the mailing list, and even on the



Hi Ben!

The website of the gnuradio has only examples to be run with the USRP
board, what happens is that I have not USRP board, but I know that it is
possible to mount the radio environment in the GRC, and then test with
USRP ( I’ll do it when I receive the USRP), while I have no USRP I’m
to figure out how to mount the radio and test environment without USRP

Thank you and sorry if my English is poor (I’m from Brazil and I’m
learning) !!

2012/3/14 Ben H. [email protected]

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