Example in c++ only

I’m a beginner in gnu radio, so sorry for the basic question.

I’m looking for an working example that builds a (basic) flow using C++
code only (without python interfacing). Is there any code? I think it
will facilitate the initial understanding for those that doesn’t have
experience with python, like me.

Eduardo Wolski

From the “README.hacking” :

  • C++ and Python

GNU Radio is now a hybrid system. Some parts of the system are built
in C++ and some of it in Python. In general, prefer Python to C++.
Signal processing primitives are still built in C++ for performance.

It is no longer possible to build user applications entirely in C++.
Essential parts of the runtime system have been moved into Python.

I’m too a beginner, I started with gr-how-to-build-a-block from CVS.
It’s a great tutorial. The python interfacing is done by SWIG, it
works “out of CVS”. I was able to start writing C++ code right away.