Events through XRC

Hello. I’m very newbie, pardon in advance.

I would like to know if events can be generated automatically using
XRCise such as ruby_glade_create_template does.

When I use DialogBlocks or wxFormBuilder I see that, although the events
are defined in the XRC file, do not appear. Doesn’t XRC support events?
Thanks a lot.

Sorry again, I meant that although the events are defined in the design
environment (DialogBlocks or wxFormBuilder) does not appear in the XRC

Most XRC Builders such as DialogBlocks or wxFormBuilder create the code
templates in the source code generation for C/C++ or Python to handle
events. Nothing is actually stored for events in the XRC file. All the
file holds, is the GUI elements that wxWidgets needs to create, to
the form you designed.



I see, thanks everyone

Your best bet is to create your own source code generator
I already tried back then, but I figure that
xrc file is not enough for my need
too bad until now there is no easier way
to make wx gui rather than xrc
(well, i am currently making one but still far from finish)