EventMachine-LE (Live Edition) released

Hi all, we announce EventMachine-LE (Live Edition), a branch of

GitHub - ibc/EventMachine-LE: EventMachine-LE (Live Edition), a "branch" of EventMachine with fixes and more features

This branch incorporates interesting pull requests that are not yet
included in the mainline EventMachine repository. The maintainers of
that version prefer to minimize change in order to keep the stability
with already existing EventMachine deployments, which provides an
impressive multi-platform base for IPv4 TCP servers (e.g., Web
servers) that don’t need good UDP or IPv6 support.

This dedication to stability is helpful for production use, but can
also lead to ossification. The present “Live Edition” or “Leading
Edge” branch has its focus on supporting a somewhat wider use,
including new Web servers or protocols beyond the HTTP Web.

To provide even more focus, this branch is currently applying its
energy towards Linux and Unix/BSD/OSX environments. Java reactor and
pure Ruby reactor are for now removed in this branch, and
Windows/Cygwin support is untested. This may very well change later,
once interesting pull requests come in.

EventMachine-LE draws from a number of dormant pull requests on the
mainline version of EventMachine. New proposals will also directly
come to EventMachine-LE and will be included once they are tested.

This is not a “development branch” — we do use EventMachine-LE in
production, just beyond the focus of mainline EventMachine.

The intention is that EventMachine-LE is always a drop-in replacement
for EventMachine, just with additional (and fixed) functionality. For
the list of changes and additions in EventMachine-LE visit the project
site: GitHub - ibc/EventMachine-LE: EventMachine-LE (Live Edition), a "branch" of EventMachine with fixes and more features.

The Current stable version is eventmachine-le-1.1.0 (published as Ruby
Gem), installable via:

gem install eventmachine-le

Using EventMachine-LE within your project just requires loading it as

First load EventMachine-LE.

require “eventmachine-le”

NOTE: It does not hurt to call “require ‘eventmachine’” later (it

has no effect at all).

Then load any other Ruby Gem depending on EventMachine so it

will use EventMachine-LE.

require “em-udns”