EventCalendar (iCal) Update

For anyone using or interested in using the EventCalendar (iCal)
extension I’d like to announce that it’s once again available for
check-out, now on the Radiant core extension repository here:

(in development)

  • I’ve updated the README to better get you through the treacheries of
    installation and updated the example code so that it actually works
    (nice! :slight_smile:


  • This extension doesn’t include any direct ability to directly manage
    events within Radiant but instead draws all it’s events from any
    number or combination of iCal feeds (Google C., .Mac, etc.) It
    has been carefully modeled to allow the easy addition of a direct
    entry interface for event within Radiant, so if this is more of your
    requirement I encourage you to take a look / take apart this code as a
    starting place.