Event based web framework with ruby, have any?

Hi guys!

Im questioning my self about a event based web framework for ruby, have
anyone!? just like de microsoft asp.net

I like ruby alot, but i also like the way asp.net works, with events,
onclick do this, onsomeotherthing do that, and so…


I am currently working on one that could possibly replace javascript
on the client side. It’s currently only in WebCore and it’s far from


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I’m interested in developing GUI apps.

I’m currently playing around with 3 technologies:

  1. MFC C++ over VS2008 (No Ruby)
  2. FxRuby, a popular Graphics Library supporting Ruby and well
    maintained by Lyle J.
  3. Ruby on Rails, which could be thoght of a Ruby-based DSL (Domain
    Specific Language) for developing Web apps

You might find something of interest there.

Best wishes,

  1. FxRbuby is a Ruby graphics package apparently well maintained and