Eval JRuby method then Swing Component pressed

I have this java and ruby code Java GUI with JRuby · GitHub and I’m
trying to run ruby code instead of java after some action. I tried to
override java function but it’s still running java version of code. So
how can I do this without calling ruby code from .java file?

As you have not had any other response may I add my 2 cents worth.

I presume from your comment that the Java code works properly and prints
the word “test” but you would like it to use the JRuby code and print
the words “It works”. If the Java code doesn’t work the first step must
be to correct things there.

Assuming the Java code works as you expect I think I must ask the
question “why do you expect it to use the JRuby code?” I can see no
reason why it should - regardless of whether you have an equivalent Java
method or not.

I have only tried getting JRuby to call Java - not the other way round.
But as I understand it there are various requirements to be met before
Java will call JRuby and I see nothing like that in your code.

It’s not as if you are using JRuby to call a Java function and expect
JRuby to receive a return value - though that might be a way to
construct your project. The Java stuff could return one of several
replies depending on what happens and you could have JRuby code to
figure out what to do.

If all you want is to display stuff in a GUI why not write the whole
thing in JRuby? I presume you saw my reply to your earlier topic.

Try adding an initialize to your new Gui class which calls super().


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