ETTUS UB210 - sampling rate queries

Hi all,

We’ve been playing with UN210 in half-duplex mode so far but in the
current project we’d like to use the latest UB210 due to its high
I was wondering about 3 preliminary queries:

  1. ETTUS Data Sheet - UB210
    The mentioned 56MHz in SISO mode (1x1) must be shared in FDD (56MHz for
    TX and RX, 28-28) or not (56MHz for TX and 56MHz for RX)?

  2. Sampling Rate - full-duplex mode/2 protocols
    Is it possible to choose two different sampling rate, one for TX and one
    for RX? This can be useful when you are implementing two different
    communication protocols with different bandwidth?

  3. Sampling Rate - full-duplex/1 protocol
    Would it be possible to change the sampling rate adaptively during a
    transmission (for example to switch from a LTE 1.4MHz to LTE 3MHz)?

Any suggestion is welcome,

Thank you in advance.