Ettus Research announcements Nov 2006


USRP Update, Nov 12th, 2006


In this issue –

1> USRP-announce Mailing List
2> Enclosure [Finally] Available!
3> SDR06 Conference


Mailing List Changes

There is a new USRP-announce mailing list. This list will only be used
for announcements, about once or twice a
month, and users cannot post to it. It will only be used for
announcements about the USRP family of products.

If interested, you can subscribe to it here:


USRP Enclosure Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new USRP Enclosure.
This oft-requested item is made out of black anodized aluminum, and
includes a fan and 2 RF cables.

The enclosure, which measures 8.25" by 6.5" by 2" (210mm by 167mm by
54mm) has front-panel cutouts for the power, USB, and 5 SMA bulkhead
connectors. The enclosure comes with 2 SMA cables, male on one side to
connect to daughterboards inside the box, and female bulkhead to mount
to the box on the other side. More cables are available for those
needing more than 2 RF connections to the outside of the box.

The only restriction the enclosure places on usage is that only one TVRX
board may be used at a time. Other daughterboards are not affected.

Going forward, all USRPs ordered will come with the enclosure, fan, 2
cables, and appropriate hardware. The price of the USRP has been
adjusted to reflect this.

For those who already own USRPs, you can purchase the
enclosure/fan/cables/hardware package separately for $125.

Pictures of the enclosure are here:


SDR06 Conference and Trade Show

Ettus R. will have a booth (#207) at the SDR06 conference and
trade show happening this week in Orlando, from Monday through Thursday.
There will be live demos of the USRP in action. We look forward to
meeting those of you who are attending. If you’d like to arrange a
meeting outside of the tradeshow, you can do so by email
([email protected]) or in person at the booth.

More info on the show can be found here:


Thanks for your time,
Matt E.

I think that the compulsory addition of a housing will deter many people
low budget from purchasing a USRP. It has become a pricy commodity.

Just my opinion,

cheerio Berndt

Yes, I would have to agree with Berndt on this. The casing is a good
idea but I think it would be better to keep it as an option rather than
forcing it on people and increasing the price of the USRP. It is not
essential to the operation of the USRP, just nice to have.


Berndt Josef W. wrote:


Going forward, all USRPs ordered will come with the enclosure, fan, 2

the tradeshow, you can do so by email ([email protected]) or in person at the
Thanks for your time,

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