Erubycon :: Enterprise Ruby Conference in Columbus, OH July

erubycon, July 16-18

The first conference dedicated to displaying Ruby’s place in the
enterprise has new dates and a new, lower price.

What? - Enterprise Ruby Conference
How much? $249 *
Where? Columbus, Ohio
When? July 16-18

The claims are real. Find out how to leverage Ruby on your next
project. Ruby has taken the development world by storm. You have heard
about it. You have probably seen more than one screen cast. You have
asked yourself the standard questions:

* Can I use it for real applications?
* Can I integrated it with my current systems?
* Will it scale?
* Are there any big companies using Ruby?
* What will it take to learn this language?

We will answer your questions.

We will show you what it is about Ruby that excites developers,
experienced and new alike. We will show you how to get Ruby to sit
side by side with Java and .NET, integrating with ease. Hear from
enterprise development industry experts who have worked intimately
with Java, .NET and Ruby with great success. Nationally recognized

  • Bruce Tate
  • Stuart Halloway
  • Neal Ford
  • Jim W.
    … and many more to be announced

They will present on an array of topics that will demonstrate the
elegance and power of Ruby. More speakers will be announced soon.

  • Group discounts available through the registration page.
  • Discounts available for user groups, simply contact us at
    [email protected]