Erubis 2.3.0 released - a fast and extensible eRuby implemen

Hi all,

I have just released Erubis 2.3.0.
Erubis is another implementation of eRuby and it gives more speed
to Ruby on Rails application.


  • Very fast, almost three times faster than ERB and
    even ten percent faster than eruby (implemented in C)
  • File caching of converted Ruby script support, which
    makes eRuby about 40-50 percent faster.
  • Support multi-language
  • Auto escaping support
  • Auto trimming spaces around ‘<% %>’
  • Embedded pattern changeable (default ‘<% %>’)
  • Context object available and easy to combine eRuby
    template with YAML datafile or Ruby script
  • Easy to extend in subclass
  • Ruby on Rails support
  • Mod_ruby support

Installation is very easy.
.* Just type ‘gem install -r erubis’ if you have installed RubyGems.
.* Or download erubis_2.3.0.tar.bz2 and type ‘ruby setup.rb’.

See users’ guide (erubis_2.3.0/doc/users-guide.html)
for details.


  • New class ‘Erubis::FastEruby’ is added.
    It is a subclass of Erubis::Eruby and includes
    Erubis::FastEruby is compatible with and faster than

  • New enhancer ‘InterpolationEnhancer’ is added.
    This enhancer uses expression interpolation to eliminate method
    of String#<<. In the result, this enhancer makes Eruby a little

    Assume that input is ‘<%=name%>’.

    Eruby convert input into the following code. String#<< is

called 5 times.
_buf << ‘’; _buf <<
(name).to_s; _buf << ‘

  ## When InterpolationEnhancer is used, String#<< is called only

_buf << %Q<a href="#{url}">#{name}</a>;

  • New enhancer ‘ErboutEnhancer’ is added.
    ErboutEnhancer set ‘_erbout’ as well as ‘_buf’ to be compatible
    with ERB.

    $ cat ex.rhtml


    $ erubis -x ex.rhtml _buf = ''; _buf << '


    '; _buf.to_s $ erubis -xE Erbout ex.rhtml _erbout = _buf = ''; _buf << '


    '; _buf.to_s ====================
  • [experimental]
    New enhancer ‘DeleteIndentEnhancer’ is added.
    This enhancer deletes indentation of HTML file.

    $ cat ex.rhtml

      <% for item in ['AAA', 'BBB', 'CCC'] %>
    • <%= item %>
    • <% end %>
    $ erubis ex.rhtml
    • AAA
    • BBB
    • CCC
    $ erubis -E DeleteIndent ex.rhtml
    • AAA
    • BBB
    • CCC
  • Mod_ruby is supported (very thanks to Andrew R Jackson!).
    See users-guide and ‘contrib/erubis-run.rb’ for details.

  • New command-line option ‘-X’, ‘-N’, ‘-U’, and ‘-C’ are added.
    These are intended to be a replacement of ‘notext’ command.
    = ‘-X’ shows only ruby statements and expressions.
    = ‘-N’ adds line numbers.
    = ‘-U’ compress empty lines into a line.
    = ‘-C’ removes empty lines.


  • ‘helpers/rails_helper.rb’ is changed to use ErboutEnhancer.
    The following is an examle to use Erubis with Ruby on Rails.
    File ‘config/environment.rb’:

    require ‘erubis/helpers/rails_helper’
    #Erubis::Helpers::RailsHelper.engine_class = Erubis::Eruby # or
    #Erubis::Helpers::RailsHelper.init_properties = {}
    #Erubis::Helpers::RailsHelper.show_src = false # set
    true for debugging

  • Command ‘notext’ has been removed. Use ‘-X’, ‘-N’, ‘-U’, and ‘-C’

  • Tab characters in YAML file are expaneded automatically.
    If you want not to expand tab characters, add command-line optio ‘-

  • Benchmark scripts (benchmark/bench.*) are rewrited.

  • Users-guide (doc/users-guide.html) is updated.

Have fun!