Errors during make check 2.0.0_p247 on RH Linux


I searched the Ruby forum and other Googling without success :frowning:
Target machine RH Enterprise Linux Version 6, 64-bit, with latest
Ruby 2.0.0_p247 source
“./compile” shows no errors or warnings
“make” shows some errors such as:

/opt/ruby-2.0.0-p247/include/ruby/ruby.h:24: Warning: include file
ruby/config.h not found, perhaps you forgot to add its directory to

I have set an environment variable INCLUDE_PATH to
/opt/ruby-2.0.0_p247/include without any improvement. Apart from
mentions about Doxyfile I cannot see any other references to
INCLUDE_PATH in the source directory tree.

Ignoring those errors for the time being, a subsequent “make check” runs
a huge number of checks without error. Some errors do show up though
in, for example,

TestFind#test_unsearchable_dir = 0.00 s 2) Failure: test_unsearchable_dir(TestFind) [/opt/ruby-2.0.0-p247/test/test_find.rb:119]: Errno::EACCES expected but nothing was raised.

Is this behaviour indicative of a missing library (at the OS level?) I
have added just about all the -dev libraries I can think of via yum.
Insights appreciated.

FWIW I am used to compiling from source, mainly on Debian / Ubuntu over
many years and nothing leaps out to me as obvious, otherwise I wouldn’t
be bothering you :frowning:

Kind regards,

P.S. Could retreat to an earlier version (e.g. 1.9.3) if that would
help, but would like to use the latest stable if possible.

Hello all,

A little bit more information, but no complete solution yet!

I found that adding cmake (built from source tarball) reduced the number
of errors as did adding some directories to the INCLUDE_PATH variable
that I eventually found in the Doxygen file.

Still facing errors like the one below however, which I would be happy
to eliminate!

1) Failure: test_unreadable_dir(TestFind) [/opt/ruby-2.0.0-p247/test/test_find.rb:102]: <["/tmp/d20130814-27528-kzrl35", "/tmp/d20130814-27528-kzrl35/dir"]> expected but was <["/tmp/d20130814-27528-kzrl35", "/tmp/d20130814-27528-kzrl35/dir", "/tmp/d20130814-27528-kzrl35/dir/foo"]>.

Kind regards,