Errors after upgrading engines, user_engine & login_engine

Hey there,

I just upgraded an old project of mine (rails 1.1.3 + hotfix and the
engines, user_engine & login_engine from back then (which was all
working perfectly)) to rails 1.1.6, and the following engines:

Engines plugin: 1.1.4
user_engine: unknown
login_engine: 1.0.2

… svn externals is:
Engines plugin: 1.1.4
user_engine: unknown
login_engine: 1.0.2

… I ran an svn up afterwards (dunno why rake engines:info returns
login_engine: 1.0.2 and unkown for user_engine though), and started
up a server. I can log in, list users, but when checking their roles,
rails throws this error:

Mysql::Error: Table ‘.users_roles’ doesn’t exist: SHOW FIELDS
FROM users_roles

… and I wonder why. the rake db:migrate:engines-command changed the

(in /Users/joerg/Development/finecoleads_machine)
Migrating engine ‘user_engine’
== RenameUsersRolesTableToRolesUsersOrEquivalent: migrating

– execute(“SELECT * FROM users_roles”)
→ 0.0003s
renaming table
– rename_table(“users_roles”, “roles_users”)
→ 0.0275s
== RenameUsersRolesTableToRolesUsersOrEquivalent: migrated (0.0282s)

… but why does it still try to look at users_roles?

Any ideas/suggestions what I am doing wrong/or miss?

The environment.rb part looks like this:

module LoginEngine
config :salt, “somesalt”
config :use_email_notification, false
config :admin_email, “[email protected]
config :app_name, ‘Some name’
config :app_url, ‘http://localhost:3000
config :changeable_fields, [ ‘firstname’, ‘lastname’, ‘anrede’,
‘firma’, ‘strasse’, ‘plz’, ‘ort’, ‘telefon’, ‘fax’,
‘plz_zustaendigkeit_von’, ‘plz_zustaendigkeit_bis’]


module UserEngine
config :admin_login, “admin”
config :admin_email, “[email protected]
config :admin_password, “abc”

Engines.start :login, :user


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