Errors.add translation namespace

I read this in the api:

# Adds +message+ to the error messages on +attribute+. More than

one error can be added to the same
# +attribute+.
# If no +message+ is supplied, :invalid is assumed.
# If +message+ is a symbol, it will be translated using the
appropriate scope (see +translate_error+).
# If +message+ is a proc, it will be called, allowing for things
like to be used within an error.
def add(attribute, message = nil, options = {})
message = normalize_message(attribute, message, options)
if options[:strict]
raise ActiveModel::StrictValidationFailed,
full_message(attribute, message)

  self[attribute] << message

Now, other than the fact that I cannot seem to locate any method in
Rails called translate_error this bit of code does this to the symbol
that I pass it:

errors.add( :base, :dbms_constraint_violation_unique )

translation missing:

Is there a way to turn off name spacing for this automatic
translation? This bit of code is likely to be used in more than one
model and I do not relish creating a nested nightmare of duplicated
error message translations for each.

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