Error with edge rails

I’ve started an app with rails 1.1.6 then ran freeze_edge. My app
will not run with rails in the vendor folder. Have I forgot to do
something? I"ve been without the internet for the last two months.
Has something changed?

I should have posted the error:

unitialized constant
ActoinView::Helpers::JavascriptHleper::PrototypeHelper (NameError)

forgive the typos, I have to access google on a windows box because my
firefox is fubar-ed on my dev box.


Do you make use of RJS in your app? Where specifically are you seeing

There has to be somebody out ther who’s been through this. I’ve tried
everything, but edge rails fails for me every time

it’s a brand new app, no code at all

I have another app I wrote that has been on edge rails for around 7
months with no problems

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