Error when install wxPython in cygwin

Dear all,

I am new in gnu radio. Now I am installing gnu radio under cygwin. I can
install cygwin successfully. Then I install fftw-3.2.2.tar.gz. It is
successfully. Then I am trying to install wxPyton, but there is error.
error is shown below. What is the solution? Thank you for your help.


Acer@acer-b1acd3afa0 /usr/src
$ tar -jxf wxPython-src-

Acer@acer-b1acd3afa0 /usr/src
$ cd $WXDIR

Acer@acer-b1acd3afa0 ~
$ mkdir build-local

Acer@acer-b1acd3afa0 ~
$ cd $WXDIR/build-local
bash: cd: /build-local: No such file or directory

read the error verbose: /build-local does not exist

$WXDIR must be set to a blank string