Error trying to load taps into FFT filter

Am getting the following error when trying to run a GRC flowgraph that
loads FFT filter taps from an external file. The type filter parameter
is set to complex->complex (complex taps).

The flow graph has imported numpy. The taps are loaded using:


as the taps parameter. What does the error below mean?

GRC: v3.7.4git-101-g76970d54
Ubuntu 13.10 is attached.

– Tom, N5EG

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/tom/Desktop/EchoScreencaps/”, line 173, in

tb = top_block()
File “/home/tom/Desktop/EchoScreencaps/”, line 115, in

self.fft_filter_xxx_0 = filter.fft_filter_ccc(1,
numpy.complex64)), 1)
line 1329, in make
return _filter_swig.fft_filter_ccc_make(*args, **kwargs)
in method ‘fft_filter_ccc_make’, argument 2 of type ‘std::vector<
gr_complex,std::allocator< gr_complex > > const &’