Error: stack level too deep

hi, guys

i write follow code :

    it "The default should be based on readers to recommend a book

tastes" do
@pick_book = mock_model(PickBook)
@pick_books = [@pick_book]
@recommend_count = 1


        post 'create','format'=>'json'
        assigns['pick_books'].should    equal(@pick_books)
        response.should be_success
        response.should have_text(@pick_books.to_json)

The following error occurred:
    stack level too deep

Best regards,

Please provide more context. There should be a stack trace that tells
you at which line the error occurs.

This problem typically occurs when you have a method that calls itself
and has no return mechanism. Sometimes that can be a sloppily
implemented method_missing.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with what you’ve posted, but
there’s a lot missing:

  • the rest of the spec code
  • full error message
  • relevant production code