Error running .class generated by jrubyc

Hello guys,

I have a ruby script that runs perfect from the command line using
So I tried to compile it with jrubyc and the .class is now generated.

Then I proceed to run it with java -cp .:/pathto/jruby.jar classname and
receive the following error:

Exception in thread “main” search.rb:2:in `require’: no such file to
– rubygems (LoadError)
from search.rb:2
…internal jruby stack elided…

What am I missing?


Guillermo A.

Maybe you should post this to the JRuby ML rather than ruby-talk.


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[email protected] wrote:

    from search.rb:2
    ...internal jruby stack elided...

Basically you just need to specify where JRuby is located with the
jruby.home property. Othewise it can’t find things like rubygems or Ruby

java -Djruby.home=/path/to/jruby -cp .:/pathto/jruby.jar classname

  • Charlie