Error reporting seems broken in /script/runner


Hi, I am developing command line scripts to be run with ‘runner’ and I
have found that no matter what bugs I introduce the shell always seems
to report a similar thing and not the actual error. I always get a line
like this:

c:/ruby/…/active_support/dependencies.rb:423:in `remove_const’:
cannot remove Object::… (NameError)

The text after Object:: is different depending on the bug, but I cant
see the correlation - but thats probably because I am not hugely
familiar with Ruby/Rails yet. For example, I misused #is_a and the text
read Object::Analysis.

I recently updated from Rails 1.1.8 to 1.2.1 so maybe it might be
related to that. In any event it makes coding very hard because I can
not get proper error messages on my bugs.

Any ideas?


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