Error: [Object]Controller: missing default helper path [cont


I seem to have run into a problem that I can’t seem to make any
headway on. I’ve searched the mailing archives, google’d for the
appropriate keywords and have checked up with the folks on IRC but I
can’t seem to find a solution.

My problem is as such. I have a web application that has various
controllers which work fine. I’ve added a new controller for the
object Event, which at this point is very simple and reads as:

class EventController < ApplicationController
layout ‘standard’

before_filter :authorize

method handle used for handling adding new events to the system

def add
@locations = Location.find_roots
@arts = Art.find_all
@event = @params[:event] )
@event.user = @session[:user]

 if and
   redirect_to :action=>:view, :id=>
   @event.errors.each_full do |msg|
     logger.error( "error while saving event: #{msg}")



When I call http://localhost:3000/event/add/ it loads the correct
view which has a variety of form elements. When I commit this form I
get a blank page, and the output of WEBrick reads: - - [15/Dec/2005:11:57:06 PST] “POST /event/add HTTP/1.1”
500 0
http://localhost:3000/event/add/ -> /event/add

The ONLY line which gets appended to the development.log is:

EventController: missing default helper path event_helper

Does anybody have any ideas what is going on? I’ve restarted the
server numerous times and have even (on a tip from the mailling list
archive) rebooted. Any help would be welcomed with much praise…


my first guess is you probably did not use ‘script/generate controller
event’ to create your controller, as that should have created the
app/helpers/event_helper.rb file as well

but i could be wrong.

Hmm… good guess - I didn’t think it was required, since my other
controllers work without it, and my controller works, just not when I
post to the add method… Anyhow - to be safe - I regenerated the
controller from scratch and re-ran it. The problem turns out to be
the same as before, only now while I still get a 500 response and a
blank page in my browser there is no messages whatsoever added to the