Error messages when running mongrel on win32

Hi folks. I’m running mongrel (1.0) on a win32 box (2k3 iirc). I’m using
a Google Mini to index the contents of my rails (1.2.4) webapp. I’ve
been noticing that when I run a search, I get lots of these messages in
my mongrel console:

ERROR: An established connection was aborted by the software in your
host machine

These errors seem to be coming in response to HEAD requests being issued
by the Google Mini. When searching protected content, the Mini asks for
the users credentials and issues HEAD requests for all of the resources
which would end up in the search results, in order to eliminate those
items to which the user does not have access. Presumably it’s discarding
everything that doesn’t have a 2xx response.

My webapp isn’t doing anything special in response to HEAD requests,
aside for not logging the read requests as “real” read requests for the
purpose of tracking hits. I suppose I could tell it to not send_file and
the like in the case of HEAD requests, though I was under the impression
that rails silently discards the response body, so it’s really

These error messages don’t seem to be causing anything bad to happen,
but I haven’t yet spent much time debugging. Still, I noted that Zed had
been looking for folks that could reliably duplicate the situation a
while back, so thought I’d post it in case y’all want to use me as
guinea pig.

  • donald