Error Make gnuradio

Hello, I using ubuntu 11.04 and I want to install the gnuradio, but
when I do “make” for gnuradio 3.3.0 or 3.3.2 i unfortunately get this:

gnuradio make[5]: * [] Error 1

…and i’ve done this and i get the same error:
-sudo apt-get build-dep gnuradio
-install all the dependencies on the gnuradio build guide page ( i got
installed other stuff)
-then the usual steps of building from source

[image: :(] please help me!


On 04/08/2011 1:39 PM, Sindy Acosta wrote:

-then the usual steps of building from source

If you’re building from scratch, can I suggest:

It takes care of most of the common situations, and leaves you with an
installed Gnu Radio and UHD from the most recent
GIT sources, along with installing pre-requisites, doing post-install
tasks, and uninstalling any conflicting installed-from-binary
componentry that might get in your way.